Bareroot Trees - 18" - 48" - $3 (Marshfield, WI)

Hello. I've placed my bareroot tree order for spring 2020 already. Trees were very hard to get this year - next year I guess I have to put my order in probably in May already they said! A lot of the northern nurseries had issues with crop loss due to the weather, and even during the summer it was cool and wet for them - not good growing conditions. It really took a good amount of effort for me to get the varieties I wanted - a number of nurseries were like "We will sell you those, but you have to take some of these also". So I have some varieties I'm going to try, but some of the quantities are very low on them. If you have strong opinions on anything I have in lower quantities you would want to reserve them now. They'll be gone very quickly. I've kept aside 3,000 I plan to plant again - like last year I won't sell any of those.

Prices are the same as last year with a few changes based on volume. The price increases from the nurseries were pretty significant this year. And the cost to transport the trees also went up. I toyed with increasing the price a bit, but elected to keep it the same. Next year if I do this again it's virtually assured the prices will go up to probably $4/tree. Some of these varieties I'm actually losing a bit on based on the tree prices + the cost of getting them to me, but I just don't want to take on the hassle of different prices for different varieties.

10 trees / $35 * One variety
25 trees / $85 * One variety
100 trees / $300 * Any varieties, but must be in multiples of 10 or 25

These trees aren't the little trees from the DNR they are all from 18" - 48" tall already ( depending on variety). These same trees at shopko are $14 each year. The needle trees are generally in the 18"-36" range. The deciduous treees (oaks, maples, poplar) are generally 30"-48".

Varieties still available:
** White Cedar
** Balsam Fir
** Fraser Fir
** Douglas Fir
** Red Pine
** Black Hills Spruce
** Colorado Blue Spruce
** Norway Spruce
** White Spruce
** Sugar Maple
** Red Oak
** Flame Maple
** Norway Maple
** Red Maple

Still available, but low qty:
** Canaan Fir
** White Fir
** Serbian Spruce
** White Canoe Birch
** Whitespire Birch
** River Birch
** Silver Maple
** Black Walnut
** Tulip Poplar
** Burr Oak
** White Oak
** Swamp White Oak
** Hybrid Poplar
** Mountain Ash
** Quaking Aspen
** Littleleaf Linden
** Ohio Buckeye
** Red Canada Cherry
** Siberian White Crabapple
** Thornless Honeylocust
** Black Cherry
** Ironwood
** Chinese Chestnut

Very low qty (will be gone soon):
** Wildlife Apple (for deer - not for humans)
** Eastern Redbud
** White Pine
** Red Splendor Crabapple

Not Available:
** American Linden

I keep this post updated with what is available - so if shows available above it still is. I did have to place this order already, so I can't add to or change the order (sorry). What I have is what I have. Sorry, but I don't have any fruit trees.

The pictures are the same trees from the same place planted 1 to 10 years ago. just to be clear...these are not the trees I am selling. it just gives you an idea how big they get in time. I plant hundreds of these trees every year - thousands this year. They are very nice for the $ and all of them come from Northern nurseries - so the trees generally do well in the Wisconsin climate. I'll walk outside one of these days when it stops raining and take some more pictures.

These are **bare root** trees - so you don't need a truck for them or anything. I will put them in a bag with some mulch for you to keep the roots moist, but they should be planted in a timely fashion - if the roots dry out the tree dies. Please don't buy them if you can't plant them within 10 days of pickup. I hate to see people waste their time and money.

Located just south of Marshfield. To sell nursery stock in the state of WI you require a Nursery Dealers license - I have that. It will be displayed at pickup or is available upon request.

I pick them up at the end of April 2020 (next Spring) - exact pickup date will be determined by the nurseries in April. You can reserve them before then, but I do want at least a small deposit please - i have way too many people say they want things and then never show. Interesting stat - last year I didn't take deposits from 20 people. Either because they assured me they were "good for it" or because the order was smaller and I didn't feel the need to mess with it. Of those 20... 11 never showed up. So 55% of people I didn't take deposits from never showed up. That's irritating enough.. but the real problem is that I had to email them/call them multiple times before I either planted the trees myself or sold them elsewhere. I won't make that mistake this year - this year I'll require deposits from everybody (sorry for the 9 that actually showed up).

Thanks for looking. I know this is early, haven't even had our first frost yet (as of this writing), but last year I sold out relatively quickly so I decided to do it a little earlier this year. Plus I'll be very busy this winter and won't have a lot of time for this!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.

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