Dales mare (Mason, WI)

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For your consideration:
Dolly is a 2005 Halfinger/Dales pony cross mare, registered as a half Dale. A beautiful clear Bay with ample black mane and tail and a small white star, she stands 14:2hh, is very solid of build.

Dolly is trained to ride and drive. She leads, ties, stands for saddling, takes fly spray, lunges and trailers like a champ. She rides western on trails/roads by self and in groups. She is fine in standard backroad traffic situations. The few times I have ridden her on the highway were fine. I haven’t ridden her in town at all however. Dolly is primarily a walk/trot horse, but can and will canter if asked. She doesn't mind, but it isn't her go-to gait. She has spent the last several years as a summer lesson horse for an adult with disabilities, where she was lunged and ridden in supervised settings in arena or round pen and occasionally trails. Do to her dis-inclination to canter she was a good walk/trot mount and really helped her student learn to post and gain confidence on a new horse. Though she did well in this role, I don't think this makes her automatically qualified for all riders with disabilities. She is a generally level headed and easy going horse who is not easily spooked or scared, though she can get worked up if asked to do something she really doesn’t understand yet, such as pushing cattle or opening gates. Due to her early training as a driving horse it is possible to set her speed and tempo at a trot and she will hold it going straight down the road for a surprisingly long ways. She is really a low trouble, low drama horse, with a good head on her. If I have a friend over that doesn't ride, they get Dolly. When my non-horsey father went out with me, he got Dolly.

Dolly is of good health. She is an easy keeper in the tradition of northern pony breeds. She is dewormed regularly and has great feet, if a little flat in that drafty sort of way. She would probably appreciate boots if expected to do long gravel rides, but has no need for shoes. She is easy to trim, which I often do myself. She gets netted round bales in the winter and pasture in the summer.

Like most horses Dolly would do best in a situation with calm consistent and frequent handling/work. She likes and understands having a job to do and thrives on repetition. She is also very smart which means her person needs to take care that undesirable habits are never allowed to form. She is a kind horse, gets along well with people and is accustomed to dogs, cows, cats, the endless antics of chickens and the usual assortment of farm machinery. She would be an excellent choice for an individual or family with at least basic horse knowledge, some self-confidence and time to spend with her. She is a social animal and will need at least one other horse for company. I don’t actually need to sell Dolly and she is no problem in my herd so I will be choosy about where she goes to try to make sure her new home/person is a good fit. Asking $6500 Please contact me if she sounds like the horse for you!
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