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Bella is 18mo old, looking for new work with a family and farm to guard. She is Anatolian/GP/Akbash mix, in tact female and is good with kids with a strong people drive, so not ideal as an LGD with little to no human contact. She's intelligent in barking/alerting day and night, warms to strangers when introduced and people-smart, will warn and alert when someone feels unsafe or is where they don't belong, anywhere around the property.

She is very good at border and property patrol/guarding and has been successful driving back coyotes and a wandering cougar who has frequented our woods, as well as keeping aerial predators at bay. She has been unsafe around chickens when we are not on site, though we've only lost 6 in the past 8 mo, despite lots of retraining. It is possible this will be curbed if paired with a working mature adult LGD who can help correct the teenager behaviors, as she absolutely knows they are not to be played with and chased. We have taken measures to separate her fully from the poultry (days penned, nights out) as she cannot be penned with them at all but has generally left them alone out on free range.

Unfortunately, we hit a deal breaker this summer that disqualifies her for our farm. Her biggest vice is chasing the working cats who have become so afraid of her they're unsafe to be around us if she is out, despite training and retraining.

Looking for a qualified working farm/acreage of at least several acres and she would do very well with an active family or larger livestock, esp if paired with another mature adult to help finish her training.

Very sweet, loving, and eager to please girl, it's hard to part with her on a bonding level, but she needs work where she can thrive and do what she does best.

Qualified homes only.
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